Including valuation report of 12.000 euro

For sale my Vespa Super Sport 180, specially restored for the SS Bergpreis at the Vespa Alp Days. Because I have a business in Vespa’s and I passionately restore old Vespa’s, this SS was an advertising item to show the full potential of the company Jensini. More than 50 hours of research (of ca. 200 hours total) went into this project, to build the Super Sport 180 as original (according to spec of that era) as when she left the factory.

Not for nothing she received 18 out of 20 points at the concours d’elegance at the Alp Days 2019. Furthermore she drove over 1000 km at the different rideouts during this event (2 x Grossglockner at 2580m altitude)

From this Super Sport every nut, bolt and part has been removed, function tested and restored (where possible). This was done to keep and restore as much as original parts possible.


A list of Original, restored parts (original means that the parts are of the same age as the Vespa itself)

  • Original Wheelrims (3x )
  • Original Chrom hub covers
  • Original Front fork (overhauled)
  • Original Schockabsorber front
  • Original Fender
  • Original Chrom and wing fender
  • Original Horn ( with original intact rubber)
  • Original Lamp front
  • Original Chromring lamp
  • Original ULMA 202 (in pristine condition)
  • Original Odometer (17000 km, still driving)
  • Original Levers handlebar
  • Original Dust cover Handlebar
  • Original Switch handlebar
  • Original Glove box
  • Original Neimann Key cover
  • Original Brakepedal
  • Original Logo front
  • Original Logo back
  • Original Front brake hub
  • Original Rear brake hub
  • Original Footbord stripes with chrom endcaps
  • Original Chokelever
  • Original Side panels (with original hooks)
  • Original Sidepanel Original Rubbers
  • Original Tank
  • Original Luggage hook
  • Original Schockabsorber rear
  • Original Motor (fully rebuild, with original nuts and bolts)
  • Original Carburator
  • Original Airfilter
  • Original Ignition (6V breaker points)
  • Original Flywheel
  • Original Dust cover Flywheel
  • Original Dust cover cylinder (Metal with leather straps)
  • Original Centre Stand

The rest of the parts are orginal (Eg. Siem rear light) but are not as old as the Vespa itself.

The Vespa is professionally painted in the Max Meyer color: 1.298.5850 Rosso.

The following parts: Dust cover flywheel, Wheel Rims, Brake Hubs and Front Fork are painted in Max Meyer 1.2680983 Alluminio.

Framenr: VSC1T *00204xx*

Motornr: VSC1M *00204xx*


If you find something provable that is not correct on this Vespa, I will change it for free.

She will be delivered with export papers and sales contract

An extra advantage is the good investment of Vespa’s, which increase in value every year.